Two Months ago, I entered a film competition, the Beirut 48 Hour Film Project (Check more details about it here). The competition could not be running at a worse time (well maybe unless it was during my own wedding :p); the due date was the night my fiancée's sister got married.

Despite all the stress of helping in the preparations of the wedding and in meeting the actual deadline, we managed to pull a movie we are proud of.

The 48 hour film project guidelines

The fun part about this experience was the challenge itself. We had to shoot a 4 to 7 minute film in 48 hours. We had to abide by a few constraints given to us at time Zero. Every contestant had to include three elements in their movie:

> a line of dialogue: Can you please shut your mouth? عمول معروف سدّ بوزك
> a character: Dani or Dima Mourad, Event Planner
> a prop: icecream

Each one of us got his own genre, and I got thriller / suspense.

Synopsis of our short film, Paraposal

The movie we came up with revolves around a guy who is experiencing paranormal events that lead him to walk the step that puts his mind at rest.


Paraposal is a 247square production. It was co-written by myself (Alaa Kabalan) and Mohammad Shaaban (my fiancée's brother). Mohammad was also starring along with Rafic Saab. The music was composed, in record time, by Walid Aboul Joud. Saba Sadr was my assistant director. I also did the editing and the shooting of this short film.

special thanks go to

> Haya Mortada, who lent us her camera, and who was intending to help us with sound editing (I am sorry for your loss)
> Ayman Zaatari, who was a character in the first written script (we had to change the idea and his footage was never used in the final film) (I still owe you lunch (or iftar) by the way :))
> Maria Mouteirek, who gave us last minute feedback on the storyline
> Najwa Chehab & Marwan Shaaban (my in-laws), who let us use their house as the film's setting, despite the fact that their daughter was getting married end of that weekend, and the house as we call it in Lebanese dialect was "قايم قاعد" LITERALLY!
> Mohammad Bazzi, who helped in looking for potential casts for the first idea we were intending to shoot

I further dedicate this film to my fiancée and my wife-to-be Zeina Shaaban
and Rami, my brother, whom I wish he could have been in our team (had he not have official exams to attend and study for)

at the night of the screening, from left to right, Mohammad Shaaban, Ramy Kabalan, Alaa Kabalan, Zeina Shaaban, Maria Mouteirek, Amany Al-Sayyed and Fouad Mezher

I would like to hear your honest feedback on this film :)


Casaverde (Blessings of Nature) is a line of homemade natural products produced by Green Hand ( The project was inspired by and thus initiated in order to support the unprivileged families. Their local products include but are not limited to: salts, jam, and soap.

casaverde label and logo 
casaverde salt tubes 1
casaverde salt tubes 2


This is a logo I designed for Rabab and Eman, two sisters who decided to start their own business together even though they have no background in running one. Shuzi is a fashionable shoes and bags gallery / shop where a lady can find the style and color she is looking for in an affordable price. 

Baissour - Kabreshmoun Road, next to Gharzeddine Est., New Kafra Project
العنوان: طريق بيصور - قبرشمون، بالقرب من مؤسسة غرزالدين، مشروع نيو كفرا

GARDENIA ريحتها مزينة البيت

designed by Zeina Shaaban and Alaa Kabalan
photography by Alaa Kabalan

This is for a competition we applied to for a local brand Gardenia Grain D'or. The task was to design a billboard that would advertise their products while respecting their brand identity.

The idea is simple, working on the pun between Gardenia the flower, Gardenia the product, and their common trait of having an appeasing smell. We ended up with this slogan "ريحتها مزينة البيت".

Unfortunately, none of the competitors managed to adhere to what the client was aspiring to, so the competition was suspended without declaring a winner.

فرح عفره FARAH AFRA

This is a business card I have designed for my friend Farah Afra, English-Arabic translator and interpreter.

هذه بطاقة عمل صممتها لصديقتي فرح عفره، مترجمة ومترجمة فورية عربي-إنكليزي.


It's a day to celebrate love
but let's be in love everyday
and not put boundaries to it
Society, sect, religion, race, class
all are neither reasons to hate 
nor reasons to stop loving. 
                                           i love you


This is an installation that dates back to our packaging class at AUB in spring 2008. I just came across its documentation today (you can check original post here).

This project serves as a commentary on our life enslavement to consumerism. We took more than 50 well known brands of bottles to the regular Lebanese house, categorized them according to where we use/find them, placed them on different shelves accordingly, redesigned their labels, and replaced their brand names with new words to subtly convey the message below:

Dearest humans who are reading this message, we bottles laugh at you pathetic individuals who are so shallow and materialistic that you feel the need to use us all and stuff us in every corner of your house so that when you come to open us and consume us, you feel so very happy and satisfied and your little brains never realize how superficial you really are and that your happiness depends on silly things and that you are nothing but slaves to consumerism.

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