After our last trip through Jbeil, we packed our bags and embarked on a new journey. This journey took us through the enchanting streets of Beirut, our capital, where each of us found something different that caters to our eclectic tastes. This week that we spent in Beirut began in Bourj Hammoud, and went through different regions until finally stopping in Cola. Each of us experienced and expressed these experiences of the spaces in his or her own way.
The first day, the team discovered Bourj Hammoud in its religious, as well as its touristic aspect. As the sun set on the eastern Suburb of Beirut, we decided to spend the night there, and set off towards the heart of the city in the morning. The next day, we made our way to Karm El Zeitoun, on the outskirts of Ashrafieh, near the Forum de Beyrouth. We mingled among the residents and discovered the secrets within the tight streets of Karm El Zeitoun, then proceeded towards the Forum to get acquainted with the events that take place there. On the third day, we progressed to arrive at Ashrafieh, where we came across the only Muslim Street, Baydoun Street, in the dominantly Christian Ashrafieh area. We discovered this street while going through Tabaris, the street parallel to Baydoun street. We continued our journey, which took us to Salim Slam. There, little boys of different ages were eagerly greeted us and showed us around their area, their fortress. The time spent in the Salim Slam area amounted to two and a half days. The sixth day led us to Ras Beirut, where we toured the famous Hamra and Bliss Streets, and got acquainted with the problems as well as the beauty of these streets. On the last day, we made our way to Cola, where travelers such as ourselves met to get on their way. This issue of Caravan traces our path through the magnificent city, to tell the stories of its inhabitants.

AUB group class project
group members

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